Enhanced Sanitation Services for Production Studios

Rags, Mops, and Wipes Alone are not Sufficient to Sanitize in the COVID-19 Era.

Hand Cleaning a Set can Leave up to 75% of the Room Surfaces Untouched.

Use the Technologies Hospitals, Airlines, and Food Processors Use, We Do!

Enhanced Touchless Sanitization

Electrostatic Sprayers, Dry Foggers, and Humidifiers Can Obtain Complete Room Sanitization.

Clean Stage

We offer an eco-friendly green disinfection service. We disinfect stages, locations, and theaters.

Clean Equipment

Disinfect equipment entering the workspace. Disinfecting tents
are available upon request.
2 minutes are required for disinfection.

Clean Location

We disinfect locations for film and television production. Have your
locations disinfected prior to your
crew beginning the pre-rig.

Clean Fleet

Have your transportation fleet disinfected daily. Disinfect your production trucks, talent trailers,
vans, and golf carts.

Clean Set

There are often last minute changes or finishing touches to a set. A technician is prepared to disinfect your set and props as needed throughout the day.

Clean Air

Use as a prophylactic, disinfect the air while working. Humidifiers disperse a completely non-toxic, EPA registered disinfectant Hypochlorous Acid - HOCl.

Clean Workforce

Disinfect, crew, performers, and audiences along with their personal belongings as they enter the clean workplace.

Clean Hands

Hand sanitizers with alcohol lead to hand dermatitis. Hypochlorous acid can be used in place of alcohol in hand sanitizer with no irritating side effects.

Professionally Sanitize your Stages and Locations

Don't Rely on a Hand Cleaning Crew to Protect Your Show